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Contractor Salary

Does Your Home Remodeling Project Meet Your Expectations?

This is one of the biggest problems in the home remodeling business. Meeting a customer’s expectations, who really doesn’t have a clue about what the finished product is going to look like. This could be extremely disappointing to both the contractor and the homeowner and now your home remodeling project …

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Contractor Definition

Get A Discount On Plumbing Repairs From Local Contractors

Getting home from a long day at work and finding out that your home’s plumbing system is not functioning properly can bring about stress and headaches. Not only can it be very inconvenient for you and your family, but it can also be a very costly repair too. This is …

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Contractor synonym

Who Are The Defense Contractors?

Within the last seven years, I have been a defense contractor primarily for the intelligence community. In that time I have written tactical intelligence products on foreign hostile enemies, worked in counterintelligence, and spent an inordinate amount of time doing the tedious work of data mining, information research and that …

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Main Construction Site Personnel

Why Do Contractors Need Content?

In the July 2009 edition of Phc News, Dan Holohan made some good points about the quality of Web sites contractors use, and makes a great argument about the need for content on these sites. You see it all the time – service company Web sites making no attempt to …

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Contractor License

Broken Pipe Repair Services

Having a water line break at your workplace or at your home can cause many complications. It is important that you get a broken pipe fixed as fast as possible by a trained professional so that you can get your water up and running again. This will also make sure …

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General Contractor

The 5 Traits Of Successful Contractors

Starting a new business from scratch is never easy. But for the home improvement and construction industry, it is a task that can be especially daunting. This is a business with a lot of cutthroat competition, over-saturated markets in some areas, and with the burgeoning do-it-yourself movement combined with a …