9 Avoidable Mistakes When Hiring a Plumber

Whether you lack the time, experience, or persistence, we all eventually have to hire a specialist. Be it a subcontractor or a contractor, some jobs require a pro. But the real trick is telling the pro’s from the con’s. This special report will equip you with the information you need to hire the right service plumber for your project.
ONE: Dialing a number you find in the phone book is like gambling in Vegas, But when it comes to plumbing renovation or repair, it could be a lot more costly! You just have to ask yourself “‘am I feeling lucky?”
Here are the three types of plumbers to watch out for.
1. The perfectionist pro: these guys or gals are really good at there jobs. In fact, they might be too good. They will over work the job until it has cost three times as much as it should have. Or until the job is perfect, (if there is such a thing). Hence, three times the cost.
2. The cheaper deceiver: These are the underbidders. These guys will cost you more by because they forgot to add in the fixtures.
3. The bull believer: these guys will say anything to get the job and charge you twice as much.
4. Be wary of walk-ups, instead rely on word of mouth.
5. Ask for references. Call the other clients and get the dirt on the dude.
6. Ask a lot of questions; How long has the contractor been in business? Is he committed? Is he working on other projects?
7. Get several bids.
8. Get it in writing.
9. Don’t pay in full before job is finished.

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