Eco Friendly Carpeting

Carpeting manufacturers are answering the call of eco-conscious consumers for products that meet standards for health and sustainability.
The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) is rising to the occasion as well, with its Green Label and Green Label Plus designations. CRI says its goal “is to go well beneath the surface and prove how our environment for living, working, learning, and healing is better – thanks to carpet and rugs.” CRI’s Green labels are granted after testing and certification indicate carpet, carpet backings, cushions, and adhesives emit low VOCs.
The Green Label carpet program, according to the Institute’s website, “has such a positive impact on the indoor environment that the American Lung Association approves its use in its Healthy Homes programs.”
Long before today’s rising interest in eco-friendly materials for the home, wool, the most eco-friendly carpet fiber, established itself as the best choice for beauty, luxury, and durability. In addition to wool, other fibers have gained status and desirability as eco-friendly for carpets. Examples of these are sisal and jute carpeting.
Wool is biodegradable and non-allergenic. Because it is naturally soil-resistant, it requires less cleaning, which increases its durability.
Sisal carpeting and area rugs are made of fiber derived from a cactus plant and is stronger and more durable than many other fibers.
Jute, traditionally used as a carpet backing, is now used for carpets and area rugs in its own right. Its natural quality is drawing interest, although it is not as sturdy as sisal.
A number of carpet manufacturers are devoting segments of their websites to educating consumers about the carpeting fibers they use and their sustainability commitments. Here are a few examples:
Stanton features a list of carpet fibers, showing the eco-friendly qualities of each kind. In addition to describing the qualities of wool, sisal, and jute, there are informative segments about polypropylene, nylon, and olefin.
Shaw has a special section devoted to environmentally friendly flooring products. In the carpeting and area rug categories are a wide array of colors and weaves, including loops, piles, berbers, and plushes.
Sisal Carpet features products made with both natural and synthetic sisal as well as wool. There are premium and moderate lines to browse among. This company’s Green Statement says (in part): “We are committed to using all natural, sustainable and renewable fibers, such as sisal, seagrass, jute, paper and wool.”
These resources for education and product lines will serve the eco-aware consumer well in discovering how the carpet industry is responding to the need for eco-friendly carpeting.
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