How Does Lighting Pollution Occur With Landscape Lighting?

Improperly installed outdoor lights can trespass into a neighbor’s yard, create an unsafe glare on the street or fail to light the intended area. Trained electrical contractors have a broad understanding of how to train lights to illuminate only intended areas. This maximizes the lighting, saves power and prevents unsafe lighting hazards.
The Basics of Lighting Pollution
Lighting pollution falls into a few basic categories. One type is referred to as sky glow, and is simply a light that shines upward without illuminating anything. Sky glow does not add to the security of a home or the safety of a walkway, it simply wastes power and creates an annoyance to neighbors. Light trespass is a different type of pollution that happens when an intended area is lit up, as well as surrounding areas. This can create a problem when the light spills into a neighbor’s property, for example. Another type of pollution is called glare. This happens when the light is too intense and creates an unsafe situation. Lighting glare is a problem for night drivers in particular.
Professionally Installed Lighting
Landscape lighting can be an excellent addition to any home. When professionally installed by an electrical contractor it can beautifully highlight landscape and architectural features of the home. A professional with experience can install a lighting system that works with the features of the property without creating light pollution. A qualified electrical contractor will map out the entire property before installation to mark areas of focus, such as fountains or trees. Next, the contractor will mark points that should be illuminated, like walkways and decks. Using this detailed plan, an electrical contractor can install lighting that will accent a property perfectly without over-lighting.
Common Solutions
Electrical contractors can solve these problems in a number of ways. With training and experience, they can create outdoor lighting that accents landscape features without adding to the light pollution problem. One solution is a low voltage system that uses bulbs of an appropriate wattage. The light is then aimed carefully to avoid issues. Shielded fixtures are another common option. These lights have specially designed shields that aim the light at its intended source. Electrical contractors can also use cut off optics to determine the height of the light beam and exactly where it will fall.
A well-designed lighting plan for a home and lawn is a beautiful addition that adds to safety and security. With the help of an electrical contractor, a homeowner can gain lighting that does not spill into a neighbor’s property or create an unsafe lighting hazard for motorists. Because lighting pollution can be such a big problem, care should be taken to select a qualified electrical contractor to eliminate the issue.

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