It Is Important to Use Fully Qualified Heating Contractors

It may not be cold now but it won’t be long before the temperature starts dropping. A timely visit from a heating contractor can provide peace of mind and a preseason service that will make sure the first cold evening stays outside.
There are many heating contractors in the Ireland and they are not all equal. It is important to use the resources available to us to ensure we are dealing with a reputable contractor and that he is using the most efficient equipment. Among the resources providing guidance to contractors would be the Electrical Contractors of Ireland Ltd (RECI), the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland establishes minimum energy efficiency standards for heating contractors to use when installing heating, air conditioning and/or ventilation systems. They also provide grants for homeowners such as the Home Energy Saving (HES), the Greener Homes Scheme (GHS) and the Warmer Homes Scheme (WHS) to help improve the Irelands energy savings and reduce CO2 output.
A BER is an indication of the energy performance of a home; grants are also available for a Building Energy Rating Certificate. This is the rating required on any building being sold or rented to advise the new owner of the relative condition of the HVAC system. The ratings are from A, for the best, to G, for the worst. The analysis is accompanied by recommendations for improvements to give the new occupant an idea of the cost to bring the building up to current standards.
The Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) focuses on safety training, research and being an information data base for all things gas related. The trust provides the contractors with opportunities to learn about the latest technology and energy saving techniques through publications and seminars. The trust also participated in the development of the competent person certification scheme designed to create greater compliance with building regulations.
Oil fired boilers installed by heating contractors is the primary area of interest for the Oil Firing Technical Association. They monitor a competent person’s scheme as well and heating contractors can be checked for their membership in the scheme. In addition, they provide a resource for consumers to locate member heating contractors.
All of these organisations are designed to accomplish a few basic principles. The assurance that the heating services contractors they work with; are competent persons apprised of the latest energy savings available from the manufacturers, as well as the safest and most efficient manner of installation. Make use of these resources to find and employ a company that is technically capable, dependable and trustworthy to perform the work.
While some contractors concentrate on new installations, most are willing to inspect an existing system and provide a no obligation, accurate assessment of its condition. Obviously, they stand ready to make any necessary repairs or upgrades based on the assessment.
For true peace of mind, having a service contract with a heating services provider ensures regular checkups for the systems as well replacement of consumables that can cause expensive repairs if neglected, particularly oil filters and air filters. The cost for annual service agreements will vary depending the services included, the number of unites to be serviced and the frequency with which the servicing is done.
With the high cost of energy today, anything we can do to reduce that cost and improve

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