Shopping For Bargain Priced Contractors

Everyone’s shopping for bargains nowadays and construction is no different. I’m receiving about 3 jobs out of 10 from everyone who’s contacted me by telephone or through e-mail. I would imagine at least three out of 10 of these people aren’t looking for value, they’re looking for the lowest price. That’s usually when I lose interest in our conversation.
I don’t get mad at anyone looking for a bargain on anything, I do it myself. I shop at thrift stores for bargains on books, clothes and movies. I’m always looking for a good deal and understand the psychology behind it. Even during the hard times, I rarely give homeowners cheap prices, because that’s one of the easiest ways to put a contractor out of business.
During tough times, there’s plenty of deals that can be made and contractors willing to make them. There are more psychological tricks that homeowners use today, when negotiating with unsuspecting contractors than ever before. Calling 200 contractors to find the lowest price for a simple home repair might not be the best use of someone’s time, but that’s what’s happening today.
Even if were not in tough economic times, you can still find bargain priced contractors and I’m going to tell you how. Start calling and don’t stop, until you found a contractor who is willing to work with you, but give you a price lower than every other contractor. This can easily be done by showing your unsuspecting contractor, the other contractor’s prices. I once worked with a guy who got taken advantage of all the time, because the contractor he was working for, would tell him that his price was higher than the other contractors. This man would lower his price, until the other contractor gave him the job.
It usually takes a lot of work to find the best prices. It doesn’t matter what you’re shopping for, furniture, cars, homes or contractors. Start looking, keep calling and be patient.

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