Surviving Life Without A Kitchen During Remodeling

Whether you are planning a small kitchen remodel or a full-scale kitchen renovation, the simple fact is that you are facing life without a kitchen for a while.
Living without a kitchen, even if it is only for just a few days, can make life hectic and expensive. However if you plan for a kitchen-less existence before the remodeling contractors arrive you will survive – and maybe even have fun – while you wait for your new kitchen to be ready to use.
The best first course of action is to figure out exactly how you are going to do all the things you are used to doing in your kitchen in other areas of the house. A microwave can sub for your stove and it can, of course, practically go anywhere in the house. Choose where you are going to put it (most people go for a table in the living or dining room) and then begin setting up a small temporary kitchen around it.
Using recyclable disposable plates, cups and cutlery during the remodeling process is a great idea, but only if the major inconvenience of life without a kitchen is going to be relatively short lived, a few days or a week. If the remodel is going to take rather longer, it will be worthwhile to invest in some plastic dinnerware and crockery instead. It is still easy to store and can be quickly washed in a bathroom sink.
If you are still going to have access to a freezer during the kitchen remodel, make up a number of dinners in advance that you can reheat in the microwave with the minimum of fuss. If a small temporary fridge is all you have on hand though, readjust your culinary repertoire to include as many canned and non-perishable items as possible – Spam (the tinned meat not the unwelcome email) can be put to far more uses than you might imagine…
Inevitably living without a kitchen will get to everyone in the house at some point or another and eating out will be called for to avoid tempers flaring in these already difficult conditions. Prepare for that eventuality by collecting discount coupons for restaurants and other local eateries before the kitchen remodeling contractors arrive. This will, of course, mean dining out will have less of an impact on your wallet and you won’t literally be eating away at your remodeling budget.
You can also offer the neighbors a tradeoff. You’ll bring the food, you’ll do the cooking, but it has to be in their kitchen. Most busy families will love the idea (for one evening at least) of being catered to and you will not only get a chance to eat something cooked in a real oven rather than in a microwave, but also the chance to get away from the chaos of remodeling for a while as well.
Another great way to stay relatively sane during a kitchen remodel is to create a remodel progress board. Without getting in the contractor’s way, keep a pictorial record of the progress being made in your real kitchen and post the photos on a memo board in a conspicuous place, where everyone can see it. It will help keep everyone’s frustration level down if they can see that progress is really being made every day and that the light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful new kitchen.

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