The “Green Approach” To Hiring Home Renovation Contractors

Green building has been all the rage the last couple of years and for good reason. Reducing waste, conserving and re-purposing materials and creating a sustainable structure and project benefit’s everyone and protects the environment.
But did you know that you could apply these same principals when hiring home remodeling contractors that will protect your money by reducing the potential for wasting it while creating clear and concise guidelines that both parties can consistently depend on to guide them throughout the project?
Using these same principals when planning to hire the right contractor for your project will translate into a successful and satisfying remodeling project. There are 3 very simple but key strategies homeowners can incorporate that will give them a sustainable project that moves forward with fewer problems, less waste and conserves their money.
A homeowner can reduce wasting their money by:
#1. Reducing their exposure to “extra work” not covered in the contract and spec sheet. Extra work becomes a “change order” which means more unexpected money is spent. The potential to go over budget becomes very real if you’re not familiar with these risks. Solution: Never assume oral agreements made will be part of the contract. Having a thoroughly written specifications sheet that spells out every detail of the scope of work to be performed, materials and supplies that are to be used in the project.
A homeowner can conserve their time, energy and money by:
#2. Reducing their exposure to Mechanic’s Liens filed against their property. It’s not uncommon for homeowners having to pay twice for work or supplies that were “presumably” already paid for by the general contractor.Solution: Stipulate in the contract that the contractor is to obtain all Lien Releases from subcontractors and material suppliers for the work performed to date upon each payment made to him.
#3. Hire the right contractor whose business ethics, competency and proven track record are transparent and verifiable. Choosing a contractor with little research on the part of the homeowner, other than a license check is a recipe for disaster. Solution: A homeowner must go beyond the usual check licenses, references and complaint history. Conducting a thorough background search that reveals related lawsuits, complaints filed with online consumer agencies, verifying various insurance coverage’s and conducting an extensive interview related to past performance and customer care.
These 3 simple strategies contribute to creating a sustainable project that will have fewer problems with less waste in money, time and energy spent.
Choosing the right contractor, knowing and protecting your rights along with having a thoroughly written agreement that provides clear direction in performing the work translates into a positive “green” renovation experience for everyone.

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