What is the Distinction Between a Professional and Beginner Contractor?

Hiring the right contractor can mean a world of difference for homeowners looking to put on a fresh coat of paint. Avoiding the novice contractors and hiring trained, professional contractors instead can mean the difference between an expertly painted home and an amateurish paint job. When considering different contractors, ask for more information about their work, their training program for new painters and other aspects of their business.
A good contractor will offer samples of their work and will provide references of past clients, and if they do not appear readily available, just ask! Take advantage of these opportunities to gain an insight into the contractor’s talents and professionalism. Professional contractors will make sure they clean up after themselves and leave the yard and home as clean, or cleaner, as when they arrived. Don’t settle for contractors who leave tire tracks, painting tape, paint spills, wrappers, soda cans and other trash in your yard.
Ask about the training that new painters receive, too. A responsible company will make sure that their painters are put through some type of introductory training before they go out into the field, and even then new painters will work alongside a veteran. Some contractors will have their new painters perform non-profit work for the community before sending them to paying customers. This gives them the chance to hone their skills and even allows the company the opportunity to give back a little to the community.
Also consider how the contractor conducts business. A professional contractor will go out of their way to provide excellent customer service, while a novice contractor will often put customer service on the backburner. Speed and quickness is great, and all contractors should strive to perform the work in the quickest manner possible. But when quality of work is sacrificed in order to move onto the next job quicker, the end result isn’t pretty. Hire a contractor that will work quickly and will show up on time every day, but who won’t blow through your job to get to the next one quicker so they can pocket more money.
When considering hiring a painting contractor, take a little time to make sure you hire a good one. The small investment in researching a few contractors and sorting the novice from the professional can mean a world of difference in terms of the final product.

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