What’s the Best Time of Year to Have Your Pool Installed?

Once you flip the calendar to “spring” months, that’s the best time to have your pool installed, right? Maybe not. Spring, traditionally, is the rainy season for many areas of the country and this makes the ground sometimes too wet for excavation. Soggy dirt will make the excavation difficult and cause the dirt to collapse in on itself and wet ground can be rough on heavy equipment. You don’t want to have the construction delayed by inclement weather.
The best time of year to think about it is in the pre-winter – drier months – of the year. It’s best to think about having your pool put in before winter. Another factor to consider it price – it’s less expensive once pool season isn’t in full swing because contractors aren’t as busy and are looking for work. You might be able to negotiate for a better price and the work might be done more quickly as you won’t be on a waiting list. If you live in desert regions like Nevada or Arizona, you can likely not worry about a rainy spring so you might have the opportunity to have a pool installed in the spring — if you can get on the contractor’s schedule.
Keep in mind, the sooner you start shopping around for the perfect contractor for your pool installation, the sooner you can sign your name on a contract!
If you have your pool installed off season, it will be ready and available for your family once the warm summer, swimming season kicks into high gear.

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