When to Put on a New Coat of Paint

Determining when it’s time to put on a new coat of paint depends on a few different factors. The materials used in construction and whether there is any peeling or cracking visible are two indicators of when it may be time to put on a new coat.
The climate in which the house is located plays a role in how often it must be painted. If you notice peeling or cracking in the paint, pick up the phone call a contractor for an estimate. Peeling and cracking in the paint can mean bigger problems if they are not remedied quickly. These cracks may allow moisture into the frame of the house, which may cause further problems than simple aesthetics.
The materials from which the house is constructed also influences how often the house should be repainted. Wood homes should be repainted every few years, while other siding may go 10 to 15 years without a new paint job. Homes that were constructed fairly recently are usually made of newer materials, but to be sure homeowners may consider hiring a professional to determine what the home is constructed from.
If your house is looking dull and lifeless, a quick fix to the problem could be to paint the trim around the doors and windows. These areas tend to show the most wear and a new paint job of the trim is not only quicker and easier, but may be very effective in livening up the look of the house. Talk to a professional contractor for more information about painting the trim around the windows and doors.
You should also consider who painted your home last and how well the home was painted. Professional contractors are skilled and experienced and usually show greater attention to detail than amateur painters or novice contractors. The work of a professional contractor should last longer than the work of others, meaning you’ll get more for your money.
To put numbers to it, homeowners who do the work themselves may end up painting their home every five or so years, while homeowners who have a professional contractor do the work can go up to 10 or 15 years without putting on a new coat of paint. Of course, this may vary.
If you do decide to hire a contractor, consider their reputation in the community. Make sure they do good work, but also consider whether they are clean, professional and courteous to you and your home.

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