Who Are The Defense Contractors?

Within the last seven years, I have been a defense contractor primarily for the intelligence community. In that time I have written tactical intelligence products on foreign hostile enemies, worked in counterintelligence, and spent an inordinate amount of time doing the tedious work of data mining, information research and that may or may not be done by government employees. (Contractors and Government employees working side-by-side on the same projects can causes untold tension levels in some office environments putting contractors at a severe disadvantage which we will explore in part 2.)
In essence I have served my country flawlessly in many circumstances without complaint or reward and only asked that the company supporting the contract pay me on time. So why is it a few weeks ago I almost vomited after reading an article in the Washington Post heralding the enormity of the intelligence community and how out of control it must be to have so many Top Secret cleared “contractors” working for it. Who do they think contractors are anyway? A bunch of money grubbing civilians that were lucky enough and sneaky enough to land a job with a Top Secret Clearance working for DIA, CIA or NSA?
Hardly, most of us in many circumstances are from the intelligence community having put in several years of government work either at a civilian agency or on a military intelligence battalion. In many other instances contractors not from the intelligence community have over a decade of law enforcement or military experience as swat officers and Special Forces soldiers. So to pretend or insinuate that we are a bunch of Wall Street types’ deciding to change our career and get a job working for the CIA is ludicrous and insulting. We have served our country bravely and often at great costs. What finally pushes us out of government service can be many things but I have noticed within the intelligence community it is the option to make a better life four our families while doing what we love for our country with the added bonus of carving out a possible separate life as a business owner/entrepreneur or a high level executive at the company for which we work. Don’t get me wrong there are many former government employees turned contractors that only see the “green” dollar signs. Some of these people never really cared much for the work to begin with but you will find that less and less from those skilled in in the more operational areas of their trade. Defense contractors who are not retirees are in my experience entrepreneurial and fearless souls seeking a better way to live life, serve their country and discover the real worth of their skills and qualifications.
Part 2 ” Second Class Citizens at the Office”

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